How to Ship Your Belongings Abroad Safely

Smiling couple packing mug in a box

Ensuring your belongings get to their destination safely is a priority for anyone who’s using an overseas shipping service. Whether you’re a student sending luggage abroad for your gap year, or you’re moving overseas with your family, make sure you pack your items correctly and take out the appropriate insurance. Top Packing Tips for Shipping…

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Shipping UK Purchases Abroad

package delivery

If you’ve found the perfect item on a UK website and you realise it can’t be shipped to your country, what do you do? We have you covered with our UK package forwarding service. Place your order and simply use our warehouse address for delivery. We will then take over to ensure your items are shipped…

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A Guide to Buying an Overseas Holiday Home

Holiday home with swimming pool

Are you preparing to buy your dream holiday home abroad? Before you make this exciting commitment, read our helpful guide to check you’ve got everything covered. Do Your Research You may have already decided where you want to buy and have some knowledge of the area. Whether this is the case, or if you’re starting…

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Moving Home from University

Are you preparing to move out of your university accommodation for the summer? Thinking about how to manage the move in advance will save time and tears on the day. Read our tips for making moving day less of a chore.   End of Year Tasks This time of year is a busy and stressful…

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Essential Tips for Stress-Free, Gap Year Packing

So you’re getting ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime: your gap year. Whenever you’ve decided to go – before, during or after university – you might be worrying about the mammoth task of packing. Look no further; we’re about to answer all of your packing questions. What Should I Pack for my…

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10 Reasons to Ship your Car Overseas with Andrews Shipping

10 reasons to ship your car with Andrews

Whether you’re working abroad or selling your car, there are times when you may need to ship it overseas. We pride ourselves on our expert overseas car shipping service. Here are some reasons why you can trust us to deliver your car safely. We’re Experts at Shipping Cars Overseas We ship all kinds of vehicles…

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Shipping Machinery to Cyprus

Cyprus has recently started exploratory drilling for gas, a process that requires specialist machinery and skilled workers. As a result, more machinery is being shipped from the UK to Cyprus, and British workers are relocating to undertake the work. With Andrews Shipping you can ship anything from heavy machinery to personal belongings quickly and safely.…

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Tips for Furnishing Your Holiday Home

There’s no place like a holiday home, especially when it’s in a great location with beautiful weather. But, it can be both expensive and challenging to furnish a property when you live thousands of miles away. Read on to discover everything you should consider when furnishing your holiday home. What You’ll Need Your holiday home…

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The Difference Between Freight Forwarders and Shipping Lines

When it comes to shipping commercial or domestic goods, you can either use a freight forwarder or book directly with a shipping line. Both freight forwarders and shipping lines have unique responsibilities, which can cause confusion if problems occur during transit. To clear things up, we’ve explained what each is and their key differences.  …

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Shipping Commercial Cargo Overseas with Andrews Shipping

Aerial view of container vessel sailing in open sea

If you plan to ship commercial cargo in the New Year, it’s best to start planning ahead. It’s mandatory for businesses to ensure a streamlined service when shipping to customers. That’s why choosing the right shipping provider is crucial for both you and those on the receiving end. We are experienced in delivering commercial cargo…

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