Want to pursue your dream of settling in warmer climes? There are so many reasons to move overseas – maybe you’re looking for higher living standards, budding social scenes, or new cultures to embrace? Relocating can be life-changing, but it can also be daunting to navigate your options. We’ve done the hard work for you, and put together a list of the best places to live abroad – from mountainous Switzerland to education-rich Canada, so you can decide what’s important about where to start your new life. Read on to find out more.

1. Switzerland

Imagine fresh air, stunning lakes, and endless mountains for winter skiing: there are many reasons why Switzerland is one of the best places to live in the world. It’s great for expats as English is widely spoken, unemployment is low (with jobs offering impressive wages!), and the political climate is relaxed. Although cost of living is high, Switzerland ranks No.2 globally for average life expectancy, so you can look forward to a long and healthy existence here – with a few added luxuries like chocolate and cheese along the way.

2. Australia

Another popular destination on the list, Australia offers the perfect balance between cosmopolitan cities and stunning beaches. Climbing industries include finance, technology, and digital services – while its natural resources sector (focusing on gas and mining) is booming. There’s no language barrier, so you can kickstart your new social life with a lot of expats already living here. It’s a liberal country with world-leading healthcare and a low population – so although like Switzerland, cost of living can be steep, the lifestyle rewards (and the wine) make it all worthwhile.

3. Dubai

Dubai’s renowned for its opulence, warm weather, and tax-free salaries…giving you a higher quality of life than many other countries. Expats won’t struggle for employment here, with some of the most popular jobs being in banking, construction, and tourism. The social scene is thriving, and you’ll spend your time exploring everything from vast shopping malls and skyscrapers, to the more traditional souks, and surrounding Arabian desert (by camel!) Start your new adventure by first getting an Emirates ID card, work permit, and residence visa.

4. Canada

One of the best places to live abroad for younger people and families, Canada is known for being liberal and progressive. Coming in the top ten for maths, science, and reading – and offering free secondary education – it’s an ideal place for the kids to grow up. You’ll also find free healthcare for residents, low air pollution, and high levels of public safety. Strong on its tech and digital services scene, locals are particularly welcoming to expats (bringing over skills to boost other areas of the economy), which makes for a fantastic multicultural environment.

5. Spain

“Eviva España” – there’s a reason the Belgians wrote a pop song about Spain, with its year-round sunshine, delicious foods, hot temperatures, and hub of culture. It doesn’t just need to be a holiday destination either – make it your home! It’s extremely popular for the expat community, who make up a massive 14% of Spain’s population. If you’re a skilled foreign worker, you’ll find a multitude of jobs on offer from engineering and teaching, to customer services and trades. EU residents don’t need a visa to work here either, making the relocation process much easier.

6. Norway

Fjords + fishing + low population densities = Norway once being ranked the happiest country in the world! This Scandinavian country isn’t always an obvious choice for expats – for one, its temperatures are cooler than the norm. But with its income equality and world-class healthcare system, standards of living are noticeably higher. You’ll find a multitude of international schools popping up in Oslo, and foreign expertise is in high demand for industries like hydropower and tourism.

7. Singapore

Ranked no.1 for healthcare efficiency, Singapore (or the “healthiest country in Asia”) has one of the world’s most advanced health systems, both state and private. Economically, it’s extremely well-connected, where the East meets the West, resulting in strong career opportunities in financial services, technology, and trading – to name a few. Although pollution and cost of living are high, you’ll also find low tax rates, high levels of safety, and political stability in this tropical paradise. Students get bilingual teaching, public transport is cheap, and the lifestyle is relaxed – what’s not to love?

Which country do you think will be the best place for you to live abroad? If you’re relocating overseas, let Andrews take care of shipping your belongings, so you can focus on getting to know your new community. Contact us today.