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Have you been dreaming about living abroad? Perhaps you’re wondering why people do it? There are so many reasons, whether it’s to experience a new career opportunity, lead a more relaxed lifestyle, or to pursue a totally different culture. Read through our list of all the benefits, and you can decide if it’s time to hop on that plane, leave your past behind, and reinvent your future.

1. Culture change

Many of us don’t realise the benefits of a culture change – but by seeing how others lead their lives, you might question your old ways, and take on new norms that are better suited. Even if your new destination doesn’t offer a different language, it’s likely that other areas like mealtimes, work schedules, interaction styles, clothing, religion (and much more!) will be completely different. And, by living amongst it all, you get to live the proper experience as a local, rather than a tourist on a short trip. We’ve put together seven of the best places to live abroad, if you need some inspiration.

2. Career progression

One of the most popular reasons to live overseas is career enhancement, especially if your chosen country specialises in your industry – or on the flipside, is calling out for skilled migrants to fill a gap, resulting in better pay. And, let’s not forget that a lot of destinations have varying tax rates, which may make your earnings more lucrative than they are at home. International experience is a real CV-booster too, and gives your daily routine a fresh new overhaul.

3. New friends

Moving somewhere different is always difficult to start, but being the new person from overseas will attract new friendships in no time! It’s one of the major benefits of living abroad – you’ll meet people with a range of life experiences that you wouldn’t have met at home, and start building a collection of exciting memories together before you know it. It may even encourage you to try new hobbies, as that’s a fantastic way to meet people.

4. Tasty cuisines

We all have a signature dish, but living abroad (especially if it’s on a new continent) gives you the chance to sample a wide range of new flavours. Although restaurants at home cover an array of cuisines, there’s nothing quite like eating them (and cooking them!) on their home turf. If you’re a budding chef looking to enhance your recipe repertoire, it’s a great reason to live overseas – and who knows, you might subconsciously adopt a healthier lifestyle too.

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5. Study opportunities

Moving abroad to study can be incredibly rewarding – it’ll help you become more well-rounded, open-minded, and enriched with knowledge. Although it’s a brave move to make when you’re younger (after all, it’s semi-permanent, not a backpacking trip), the character-building process you’ll go through will prepare you well for the responsibilities that come with later life. It’s also a massive confidence and independence boost, so when you come home, you’ll be able to take on any challenges that come your way.

6. Cost of living

With living costs rapidly rising (at least in the UK), you may find that relocating overseas is much more affordable in the long-term. Whether you’re looking for cheaper housing, fuel, food, transport, healthcare, (and more!), gaining a higher level of disposable income is a great reason to move abroad. After all, it will reduce stress, give you more leisure freedom, and allow you to save for the future. Though destinations like Asia and South Africa are popular choices further afield, if you’re looking for somewhere closer to home, Europe (e.g., Poland), can offer a reduced cost of living as well.

7. A tick off the bucket list

For many, moving abroad has been on the bucket list for some time, but commitments such as family and work may have prevented them from doing so. That’s why mid to late life is a popular time to do it, and change is healthy, no matter your age. Whether it’s for retirement or just for a short time before, why not take the leap and tick this massive accomplishment off your list? You’ll build a whole host of new memories, have even more stories to tell your loved ones, and regain your zest for life.

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