How to Connect Virtually with Friends and Family

Finding ways to interact with loved ones can be difficult if you have moved away from home, or if you are social distancing. But, don’t lose your creativity – people across the globe are using different types of technology to interact with friends and family. Why not take a look at holding a Karaoke night…

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How to Study at Home Over the Easter Holidays

Working from home

Are you finding the transition between lectures and home study difficult? A sudden overhaul of routine, and studying on your own rather than with classmates, can be challenging adjustments to make. But, by putting a few proactive changes into place, you’ll be up to speed in no time. Take a look at our home-working tips…

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Quick and Easy Recipes for Students

Moving away from home and suddenly having to cook for yourself and friends can be a challenge.  But we can help you say – challenge accepted! There are so many simple and tasty meals you can try at university. Release your inner chef, and take a look at our five quick, easy, and student-friendly recipes…

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Which Countries Make the Best Cars?

Are you looking for a new car? Want to find out more about an existing vehicle? With over 38.9 million cars licensed at the end of last year, it’s clearly a booming trade with a wide range of choice. To help you along, we’ve had a look at where the best car brands like Audi,…

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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

christmas holly gift box

Making your loved ones’ Christmas presents is a great way to get creative and show them how much you care. Whether you want to hone your crafting skills or personalise some pampering treats, we’ll help you come up with the perfect ideas to please all the family. Festive Food and Drink You can never have…

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Celebrating Christmas at University Before Leaving for the Holidays

Woman Decorating Christmas Tree

Getting into the Christmas spirit at university is a great opportunity to spend time with your housemates, and make you look forward to going home for the holidays. From creating your own decorations to choosing a Secret Santa present, we’ll help you celebrate without breaking the bank. Decorations Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations…

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Ten Amazing Places to Drive Abroad

Driving on Italian Coast

There are countless places to consider if you’re dreaming about a road trip overseas. Let us help you narrow down your options with our top picks of routes, roads and highways around the world. Driving Destinations of your Dreams From cultural wonders to unforgettable scenery and historical attractions, these locations have plenty to offer any…

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Surprising Places to Retire Abroad

Older Couple Walking on Beach

Making the decision to retire abroad isn’t easy – and neither is choosing where to go! If you’re struggling, take a look below for some ideas that you might not have thought of. Countries to Consider Thinking about retiring to somewhere a little off the beaten track? The world is a big place; here are…

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How to Stay Well at University

Young Man Outside with Book

Keeping healthy as a student can be difficult; with everything from lectures and coursework to new housemates and societies to focus on, it might not be your highest priority. But, by making a few proactive changes, you can improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. Looking After Your Health Taking steps to better your physical health can…

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How to Adjust After Moving Abroad

Couple on Sofa by Moving Boxes

Moving to a new country takes so much time and preparation, you might not think about how you’ll feel when you arrive. Adjusting to an unfamiliar location and culture can be scary, but you shouldn’t be intimidated. Read on for some useful tips on making it easier. Planning a Smooth Transition to Your New Country…

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