UK Package Forwarding Service

International sellers on popular websites such as Amazon UK and eBay UK often don’t offer shipping to countries outside of the UK.

If you live abroad and want to purchase UK goods online, we can help. We provide a safe and secure UK parcel forwarding service, allowing you to buy items that aren’t available in your home country.

The process is simple. All you need to do is place your order and use our warehouse address as your delivery address. Your items will be delivered directly to our UK warehouse for secure and fast onward shipping to your destination.

How it Works

Simply follow these steps to ensure safe arrival of your goods:

Before Placing your Order

1. Contact us for a shipping quote by emailing or call us on 0208 805 5588. Please provide us with the following:

  • Details of what you plan to purchase and from which supplier
  • Product weight and dimensions in length, width and height
  • Your personal delivery details with a contact phone number

If you choose air freight, a cost estimate will be provided based on package weight and volume. If shipping by sea or road, a shipping cost estimate will be provided based upon package volume. The quote is subject to change if weight or volume is different when the package arrives at our warehouse.

Note: if you are located in Cyprus and would like to reduce your shipping costs, you can select sea freight shipping and collect from one of our depots, rather than opting for door-to-door delivery.

Placing Your Order

2. Navigate to the desired website, add items to your basket and proceed to checkout
3. Enter our warehouse address as the delivery address for your goods, ensuring you include your full name so we can correctly identify your parcel when it arrives

John Smith c/o Andrews Shipping & Forwarding Co
Unit 15 Riverwalk Business Park
Riverwalk Road(off Jeffreys Road)

Forwarding Your Goods

4. When we receive your parcel, we will send you an email confirmation along with an invoice for shipping charges. Important: shipments will not be processed until payment is made fully in advance

5. Make a payment for shipping costs directly to us either by bank transfer or by calling us with credit card or debit card details
6. Once payment is made we will ship your parcel and email you a confirmation of shipment and insurance (if applicable)

What Type of Shipping is Available?

We offer shipping by air, road and sea depending on how fast you would like your parcel to arrive. Air freight is the fastest option and is charged by both weight and volume. Shipping by sea or road takes longer but is charged by volume and is, therefore, the most cost-effective option. Estimated time of package arrival depends on the destination country and the chosen shipping method.

Please note, shipping costs do not cover duty charges and taxes. Customs duties may be payable depending on the country you are shipping to and are your responsibility. All charges for freight, clearance, customs and other port charges must be paid for in full before goods are released to you.

Shipping Multiple Packages

If you would like multiple packages forwarded, it is beneficial to inform us in advance. We can send all of your packages together so local charges such as customs clearance, port charges and landing fees will only need to be paid once. If packages are sent individually, charges on each package are likely to cost more overall.

For a small fee, we can repackage items so they are shipped together in one package or on a pallet. We can provide an accurate shipping quote once all items are received at our warehouse.


Insurance is quoted at the time of shipping and is based on the value of the goods. We can only insure for all risks if the parcel is repacked by us before forwarding for a small additional fee, or if the item is new (shop bought and packed).

Insurance is charged at 2.5% of the value of goods, with an excess of £250 on any claim. If the goods are not repacked by us or if the item isn’t new, we can only insure for total loss of package, and this is charged at 2% of the value (loss of complete package only).


When we receive your parcel at our warehouse, we may decide to check the contents to ensure they can be forwarded to you safely and legally.

We can ship items such as perfumes, aftershaves, aerosols and batteries, which are categorised as dangerous goods. It is your responsibility to ensure that your purchased items are suitable for importation into your country.

We are unable to ship drugs of any description including prescription, over-the-counter and narcotics.

Looking for reliable UK package forwarding? 

If you live abroad and want to purchase UK goods online, we can help