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Cyprus is renowned for its stunning coastline, Mediterranean climate, and cultural diversity, making it a top choice for relocation across the globe – especially from the UK. Perhaps you have Cypriot origins, and are looking to rediscover your roots? Whether you’re motivated by career opportunities, or a desire to reconnect with family, repatriation requires careful planning to ensure a smooth transition. Read on for the practical considerations to bear in mind, and the benefits you will experience, if you’re thinking about moving back to Cyprus from the UK. You can also find more reasons to move overseas here.

Getting Cypriot Citizenship

To start, you should assess your financial situation, employment prospects, and legal requirements before considering a permanent move to Cyprus. Make a checklist of tasks to do in the UK, such as cancelling leases, terminating utility services, and notifying the relevant authorities – and make sure you check the Cypriot immigration laws and requirements, so you fully understand the paperwork needed for your return.

If you don’t already have Cypriot citizenship, this can be granted by descent if you have ancestors in Cyprus. In order to qualify for citizenship through this legal pathway, you must provide the necessary documentation to establish a familial connection with a native Cypriot. Adults don’t need consent of any other party to represent themselves, but child applicants will need parents or legal guardians to represent them. The same regulations and processes typically apply to all candidates, but your date of birth and parents’ citizenship status may dictate which form you need to complete – from Forms M.71 and M.72 to M.123 and M.124.

As the UK is now outside of the European Union (EU), you need to prove that you have lived there for a continuous period of 12 months from the date of your residence transfer to Cyprus. You must also give proof of your intention to settle permanently, which could be a contract of a home’s sale, utility bills, proof of employment, certificates of school attendance, bank statements, etc.

Please be aware that the above is a brief and generalised overview, and all processes are circumstance dependent. You may also need copies of birth, marriage, and/or citizenship certificates, passports, photos, a stamp, and more – fees also typically apply.

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Moving Home Items and Vehicles to Cyprus

You’ve built a life in the UK, so it’s time to decide what to do with the household items and personal belongings you’ve accumulated there. Determine whether it is more practical to sell, donate, or ship them over to Cyprus – and consider the cost and logistics involved in transport, ensuring compliance with customs regulations. As you’re transferring your residence from the UK (for the 12-month period) to an EU country (within six months), you’re allowed to ship personal property without import duties or VAT. Relief does not apply to alcohol, tobacco, or most items intended for commercial use.

In the case of motor vehicles, relief is only granted to one private use vehicle per person, who must hold a regular driving licence. For the vehicle to clear customs, you may need the following:

  • Registration document
  • Insurance certificate (of at least six months)
  • Sales invoice or purchase receipt
  • Arrival details, e.g., Bill of Lading, delivery order, freight receipt, sailing ticket etc.

After your vehicle has been cleared from Customs, you must get it registered with the Department of Road Transport in Cyprus before it can be licensed for road tax purposes.

Why Move Back to Cyprus?

Readjusting to Cypriot culture after living in the UK can take time, but there’s a wealth of benefits to reap if you move back to Cyprus, including:

  • Top location – the country is a key link between Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s been a member of the EU since 2004, giving visa-free travel to nearly 175 countries worldwide.
  • Quality of life – Cypriots are friendly, welcoming, respectful, and known for their work/life balance. The crime rate is low, there’s a variety of coastal towns and mountain villages, and corporate cities are never too far away.
  • Education – you’ll find more than 1,300 institutions with high-quality educational programmes – with tuition expenses lower than other countries, and in some cases entirely waived.
  • Business opportunities – there’s a thriving shipping industry in Cyprus, with their marine infrastructure ranking third in the EU. It’s also great for start-ups and innovation.
  • Tax advantages – if you have dual nationality, you won’t get taxed twice, thanks to Cyprus’ double taxation treaty with the UK. There are also no inheritance, wealth, or gift taxes.
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Ready to start a new life embracing your ancestral culture, across 340 days of Cypriot sunshine? Whether you need to ship residential items, and/or motor vehicles from the UK to Cyprus, our dedicated experts can help. Contact Andrews Shipping to find out more today.