New year resolutions

Need some inspiration to embrace the ‘New Year, New You’? It’s the season for setting goals, but as a busy academic, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled 10 achievable New Year Resolutions for Students – from eating more healthily and joining new clubs, to saving money and getting more sleep – so you can pave a stronger path to study success. Which one do you think you’ll choose?

1. Make your diet healthier

Students often joke about fast-food consumption to get through lectures. However, to be mentally prepared for the hard graft, your brain needs healthy fuel. Set small goals: try meal prepping for balanced and week-long nutrition, swap (some of…we all need a treat) the crisps/chocolate for fruits/veggies, and keep hydrated with plenty of water. We’ve got plenty of quick and easy recipe ideas if you need some inspiration.

2. Join a new club

Getting involved in new activities can be time-consuming, but it’s so important for achieving a work-life balance. Find something you never thought you’d try – from sports games and music concerts to comedy shows and networking events. At University, there really is something for everyone, and clubs will not only take you away from your studies, but also help you meet new friends.

3. Be kind and forgiving

It’s all about the little things…whether it’s holding the door for someone or complimenting their outfit, make it a goal to put a smile on somebody’s face each week. And, if someone makes a mistake, don’t hold it against them, just see it as a learning curve. Embracing kindness and forgiveness will make you happier, and if you give out positive energy, it’s sure to make its way back to you.

4. Get physical

There are lots of simple swaps you can make to be more active – from choosing the stairs over the lift to walking somewhere instead of driving. Make sure you get some fresh air each day and see if any local gyms or exercise classes strike your fancy. Exercise pumps your body full of endorphins, which are essential for keeping your mindset balanced.

5. Allocate more ‘me’ time

The great thing about Uni is that there’s always something going on, but sometimes you need to put FOMO aside and dedicate time for you only. Just half an hour of self-love per day will make all the difference to your mental wellbeing and stability –whether that’s meditating, writing, stretching, or relaxing with Netflix. By taking a bit of time out, you’ll be all the more ready for the next lecture (or party!)

Woman doing yoga

6. Save money

We all have to spend money, but not unnecessary amounts. Set aside a certain sum at the beginning of each week and don’t touch it – every little helps! Find ways of cutting down on expenses, like swapping the café lunch for a homemade sandwich, wearing more layers rather than turning the heating up, and clothes shopping wherever offers the best student discounts.

7. Get more sleep

As a student, you’re probably realising more and more how important sleep is. Aim for 7-8 hours of rest per night and cut out whatever might be hindering this. If you’re reliant on caffeine, try reducing your intake or going for decaf options, and if you’re on your phone/tablet a lot, switch it off 30 minutes before going to bed. There are even apps which remind you when it’s time to get some shut eye.

8. Up contact with family and friends

With distance-learning and home-studying on the up, it’s more important than ever to keep in touch with loved ones. Just a simple phone call to mum each week will lighten your (and her) spirits, and sending a quick text to a friend will give you the lowdown on all the latest goss. It’s also important to keep contact with fellow course-mates to give you a sense of community and support.

9. Find a part-time job

Though it can be tough to balance, working a few hours a week shows strong initiative, gives you the chance to learn new skills, and most importantly, gives you extra spending money! Students can find work in and out of Uni in a multitude of forms, whether that’s trying your luck at barista-life or offering freelance writing online. It may also improve your CV for when you come to apply for graduate jobs.

10. Be more organised

Routine and organisation are key so you can effectively balance study, work, and leisure – not only during your course, but for where you’re going afterwards. The prospect of graduation may seem intimidating, but with a personal, professional, and financial plan in place, it can be easier to navigate. Make goals that are realistic and achievable, whether they’re for the next week, month or year.

Students in library

We hope we’ve helped you choose a New Year Resolution (or two)! Our dedicated student service will also help you stay organised with your shipping and storage needs. Contact Andrews Shipping to find out more.