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Classic cars are timeless and sought after across the globe. Need to send a vehicle abroad? Whether that’s to sell it, restore it, or add it to a vintage collection, there are some important things to consider. For example, you’ll need to assess the car’s rarity, condition, and value, which will help you choose how to transport it overseas. Continue reading for our top tips on shipping classic cars, and if you’re a true aficionado, we’ve also compiled a list of the top global cars shows and races here.

1. Check the Car’s Insurance, Tax, and MOT

First and foremost, you need to review your classic car’s insurance policy. To ship your vehicle overseas, you’ll need Marine Insurance – a separate type of insurance from your standard motor policy – to provide proper protection and secure cover. Before shipping your vintage car, you must check that your current provider offers extended cover, and if not, you’ll need to purchase additional insurance. At Andrews Shipping, the Total Loss option applies for vehicles over 10 years old, which covers you for the loss of the vehicle (e.g. if it were to be destroyed or stolen), and comes with a minimum excess of £250.

Next, if you intend to drive your car to the port of departure and beyond, you’ll need to make sure it’s MOT-ed and taxed. Alternatively, you could opt for a collection service from the destination port (which means it needs a valid MOT only) – or, if it doesn’t have an MOT, you could use a full transporter service to avoid driving the vehicle at either end of the journey.

Note: You Can Ship Non-Operable Classic Cars

With vintage vehicles, collectors often need to conduct a restoration. So, if your car isn’t in action, you are still able to ship it overseas – it just needs a slightly different approach, e.g., like a collection mentioned above, for secure and efficient loading and transportation. And, if your classic car doesn’t have working brakes, it will need to be shipped in a container (whether that’s personal or shared).

Classic car with open boot in garage

2. Choose the Best Car Shipping Method

When it comes to shipping your classic car, you have a number of options, with their own associated benefits and costs:

  • RoRo Car Shipping (Roll-On Roll-Off): this is the easiest and most affordable way to ship your vehicle. It’s simply driven onto the ship for transportation and driven off when it reaches its destination. However, as mentioned above, bear in mind that your car needs to be operable with working brakes, otherwise this option won’t be suitable for you.
  • Container Shipping: if you’re shipping multiple vintage cars, or are looking for some extra protection, you should consider container shipping. The additional space will mean you can ship car accessories and parts at the same time.
  • Air Freight Shipping: this option offers maximum protection and fast delivery times for your vehicle, offering full peace of mind.

Whichever method you choose, your classic car will be in safe hands when working with a professional and experienced shipping partner.

3. Inspect Your Car and Keep Documentation

It’s essential to carry out a thorough inspection of your vintage vehicle before shipping. Many people consult with a mechanic for a professional review, who will record the current state of the car, including existing damage. This gives you evidence of the car’s condition, in case any problems arise in transit or on delivery. You have the option to do this yourself, but make sure you use a dedicated manual, take photos of the vehicle, and make a note of the dates, to back up your evidence in the event of any issues.

4. Prepare the Car for Shipping

Once you’ve picked a shipping partner and carried out all the checks, your classic car will be ready for travel prep. This includes:

  • Removing belongings: make sure you remove any personal items from the vehicle (this isn’t permitted, and could cause damage), and give it a good clean. Don’t forget the car’s exterior, e.g. folding the mirrors.
  • Checking fuel in tank: you’ll need to check with your shipping company how much fuel you’re allowed to leave in the tank – usually, this will be just enough to get the car on and off the ship.
  • Carrying out maintenance checks: check your car’s tryres and brakes, and ensure that the battery is fully charged, for a smooth journey from start to finish.
Blue classic car by side of road

We’re experts when it comes to shipping classic cars – take away the stress, and contact Andrews Shipping today. Your vehicle will be delivered on time and in perfect condition with our car shipping service.