If you’re a student thinking about going abroad for university, the prospect of moving can be a stressful and scary thought. Constantina Paraskeva, 24, from Cyprus moved to the UK four years Constantina Paraskevaago  to study and explains more about her student shipping experiences.

“I go to the City University in London where I’m studying optometry. I already completed an undergraduate degree in ophthalmic dispensing in 2011 and I’m currently in my final year finishing a BSC degree in optometry.

“I chose a UK university because here international students are more than welcome and aren’t treated as strangers or tourists. You feel respected and that’s one of the most important reasons I like being here so much.

Living Abroad

“The UK has a good reputation abroad, so career prospects here are extremely good. There are also great universities all over the country which offer a wide variety of courses. City University is one of the best places in the UK for Optometry courses, with academic excellence, great employment prospects and its great central London location.”

Moving to the UK was the first time Constantina had lived abroad, and she initially found it difficult to settle in.

“I was living in Cyprus with my parents until 2009, the year that I first came to the UK for my studies. I have been living in the UK since then with a small gap in 2013, when I moved to Athens in Greece for 5 months.

“I found it difficult to adjust at the beginning because I was away from all my family and pets. It soon got better because I made many new friends, from Cyprus and other countries, and I was really enjoying the experience. I have also found it difficult adapting to the UK weather and still struggle with this!

“The best thing about living abroad is the independence of living on your own, which at the same time is the worst because you’re separated from all your family. This has made me stronger though, so I don’t regret my choice of going to a foreign university.

“I’d definitely recommend attending a foreign university or going on study abroad to any student, because it is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, meet new people and have the best student life.”

International Shipping Services

Constantina always uses Andrews Shipping’s student service to send her belongings to the UK and back to Cyprus.

“I heard about Andrews Shipping from family friends, who have known them for a long while and highly recommended them. Taking into account all the positive comments, I never had any doubt that it would be the best choice. And it was!

“Also, when I first contacted them, I was pleased at how polite and friendly they were, and so hard-working – they were always willing help out with any of my enquiries.

“The process with them is always very easy. The first time I used them, I called them and spoke to a very pleasant and polite lady who explained everything to me. I told her I was interested in shipping my stuff from London to Nicosia in Cyprus and she then arranged a time to deliver cardboard storage containers to me, of very good quality. I then put everything I wanted to send to Cyprus in the boxes and Andrews Shipping collected them at a convenient time for me. My boxes were then sent few days later and arrived straight outside my door in Cyprus.

“I’ve found the customer and shipping services great. I’m very pleased and satisfied, I wouldn’t even think of trying another shipping company because I will then probably be disappointed with the service compared to Andrews Shipping.”

A Happy Customer

“I have recommended them to other people and would do again. I know another three friends that have used their services recently and they were all very happy with the service provided to them as well. I think what makes Andrews Shipping different to other shipping companies is the hard work everyone always puts in. I strongly believe they really love what they do and that is why it is so satisfying to use them.”

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