Relocating overseas is a life-changing decision. The process of moving can be stressful, from finding a new home to shipping your belongings. We’ve listed our top five tips to help you prepare for the big move.

Research Visa Requirements

One of the most vital steps is to ensure the country you’re relocating to accepts you as a resident. A visa is usually required for entry into countries outside of the EU and must be organised in advance. It can take a lot of time, money and effort to get a visa, with lots of paperwork to complete.

Check whether a visa is required and if so, what type. Research the requirements of the country you’re moving to and find out whether you meet the criteria.

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Know Your Tax Obligations Key in door

It’s essential to be aware of the tax requirements in both your home country and the new country of residence. You must let HMRC know that you’re planning to leave the UK, or you’ll risk having to pay additional taxes. Thoroughly research the tax system in your destination country to ensure you’re aware of what you need to pay.

Rent or Buy?

Another important decision to make is whether to rent or buy a property in your new country. It’s vital to choose the right area to live, considering your interests and proximity to work and schools. Before making your decision, you could stay in different places to see where feels like home.

Renting means you can get a feel for the location and meet the locals to before deciding where to settle. It also means you’re not tied to an area that doesn’t live up to expectations, so you can move on when you’re ready to commit.

Choose a Shipping Company

Before you move, you’ll need to consider how you’ll transport your belongings overseas. If you’re taking lots of items with you, shipping via sea is a great option. If you need your items in a hurry, you could organise for them to be shipped by air freight.

It’s important to choose a reliable freight forwarder who you can trust to deliver your items safely. Read more about the things you should consider when choosing a freight forwarder here.

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Pack Efficiently

If you’re shipping items overseas, you can take as many belongings as you like. However, it’s probably best to avoid cluttering your new home with items you don’t use. If you can’t find a use forsomething, donate it or dispose of it.

Of course, you must also check which items you can’t ship to avoid any delays at customs. To make unpacking easier when you arrive, mark the boxes of items you’ll need first by using brightly coloured tape or pen.

Keep anything important with you when you travel, as shipping can take several weeks. Pack things like passports, visa documents, driving licenses and medical records in your hand luggage. Find more packing tips in our blog post here.

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