Making the decision to retire abroad isn’t easy – and neither is choosing where to go! If you’re struggling, take a look below for some ideas that you might not have thought of.

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Countries to Consider

Thinking about retiring to somewhere a little off the beaten track? The world is a big place; here are some fantastic destinations to add to your list, all the way from South America to Asia…

  • Malta: this small but lovely Mediterranean island is one of the sunniest countries in Europe. Its size and excellent transportation system mean that it’s easy to get around, even without a car. English is one of the country’s two official languages, so adjusting will be easy, and there’s plenty to keep you busy. From vibrant local festivals to a wealth of historical sites, you’ll never get bored in Malta.
  • Panama: if you want foreign retiree benefits, this Central American haven is for you; it offers great discounts on things like energy bills, and also features a property tax exemption. Panama has two beautiful, long coastlines, and a reliable, inexpensive health system – so you’ll be well looked after.
  • Portugal: including the stunning Algarve – which enjoys more sun than California – Portugal is one of the cheapest places to live in Western Europe. Choose from an array of enchanting towns, bustling cities and coastal getaways for your ideal retirement.
  • Malaysia: this Asian destination is packed with things to savour, from local culinary delicacies to varied landscapes that you won’t find in the UK. Its people are renowned for being tolerant, friendly and respectful, and it’s relatively simple to obtain retiree residency through a ten-year visa.
  • Peru: if you’re looking for diversity, Peru is a great choice. Traditions mix Catholicism with ancient beliefs, and the climate ranges from warm coasts to cool mountains. Modern conveniences combined with adventurous landscapes mean that there’s plenty on offer.

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure that you let your local council know if you’re retiring abroad, as well as HMRC and the International Pension Centre – so you can pay the right tax and keep in control of your income. You can usually still vote in UK elections, as your citizenship isn’t affected. It’s also worth finding out how much of your pension will be paid in pounds sterling, as this will be affected by exchange rate fluctuations.

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