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The student summer holidays are nearly here, which means it’s time to start packing up! Carting a whole room or household of uni items home isn’t really feasible (especially the winter coats you won’t need), but luckily, storing your belongings can be easy and effective. Read our tips on summer storage, so you can keep your items safe, and enjoy a relaxing break – or, read our general student storage guide for year-round advice.

Do students need summer storage?

If you live far from home and/or are studying overseas, it’s much easier to store your belongings near campus instead of hauling them home for summer. Storage units typically provide the ideal amount of space, save you time and money on international shipping costs, and make moving much easier when you return to university. Plus, your parents will thank you for keeping their garage junk-free!

1. Go through your uni stuff

Before arranging self-storage, you need to know how many items you’re going to keep. Although most units can hold at least one room of furniture, you’ll pay more for bigger units. So, to keep costs to a minimum, the first step is to sort through your belongings. Any items you don’t need (that are in good condition) can be donated to charity, and will make moving into your new, potentially smaller autumn space, less stressful as well.

2. See what can/can’t be stored

Once you’ve decided what to safe-keep, you’ll also need to check if there are any rules around what storage providers will accept. For example, many companies won’t allow dangerous goods such as paint and fuel, and many advise against keeping plants or foodstuffs too – nobody wants to attract any unwanted visitors to the unit during the summer months!

3. Decide on summer storage type

Now, you should have an agreed list of what belongings you’re going to keep near university – which means it’s time to decide on a storage type (and company). Whether you require boxes, a dedicated unit, or are sharing storage with flatmates, it’s important to do your research carefully. Does your chosen provider appear professional? Do they have a good online presence and positive reviews? Also, keep your eyes peeled for student storage deals at this time of year, as you might be able to grab a bargain.

Couple unpacking box of books

4. Prepare your belongings for safe-keeping

As you start your summer packing, your belongings need to be in good condition. Any clothing or linen (like bedding and towels) should be washed and dried to avoid the dreaded damp, and any carpet or furniture stains will need removing prior – the longer you leave them, the harder they’ll be to remove after months in a storage unit. If you have your own fridge, make sure it’s fully defrosted, and ensure that microwaves and kettles are clean and descaled. Nobody wants to come back to soiled appliances that have been left in the summer heat!

5. Use quality packing materials

Please don’t scrimp on the materials you use to pack your uni belongings – the higher the quality, the better the condition they’ll be in when you come back. Make sure to use proper boxes or plastic crates specifically designed for self-storage, and avoid supermarket cast-offs, which won’t offer the same level of security. If you have breakable items like crockery, we recommend bubble wrap and tape (and lots of it) and mark their boxes as fragile to reduce the chance of any accidents. And, last but not least, avoid overfilling boxes, and leave a few inches at the top to pack out with protective materials.

6. Arrange your boxes in the unit

When you’re at the unit, boxes need to be stacked carefully, and when positioning them, keep heavy items at the bottom and lighter/fragile items at the top. If you have lots of weighty items like study books, try distributing them across multiple boxes, so that none are too difficult to transport to/from university. We also recommend keeping important belongings at the front and labelling them clearly – that way, you won’t need to sort through the whole unit for your essential items when the new term starts.

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Ready to arrange your storage for the summer?  Follow our advice, and your uni belongings will be in top condition when you return after the holidays. Contact Andrews Shipping today to learn more about our special student storage rates.