Christmas shopping can be difficult, so many of us go online to find last-minute buys. And often, UK suppliers don’t deliver abroad – typically when they’re selling the perfect presents! If you want to save both stress and money in your searches, let us give you a helping hand with our tips this festive season.

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UK Package Forwarding Services

If you’re an international and want to order from UK-only sellers, a UK package forwarding service is just what you need. When you’re purchasing your items, all you have to do is send them to a UK address provided by the supplier, and then they will collect and forward them on to your international location. It’s a great option, as no matter where you live in the world, you can still have access to the British market. Some companies even offer storage or personal shopper services, if you don’t want your items just yet, or can’t use your international payment card.

We offer an amazing UK package forwarding service at Andrews Shipping, where you simply use our warehouse address as your delivery address. We will then securely ship them to your home country, so you can get your gifts in time for the big day.

Tips to Save Time

Not yet chosen everybody’s gifts? If there aren’t many days left until Christmas, you’ll want to get presents sorted as soon as possible. These tips will help reduce the pressure:

  • Next day delivery: you can choose from many different types of delivery, especially with big names like Amazon. Next day delivery can be a blessing, and subscriptions like Amazon Prime can save you money if you need it frequently.
  • Make a list: write down who you’re buying gifts for, and brainstorm ideas before you start shopping. This will stop you from aimlessly searching online, and it’s much easier to find something specific than come across a good present randomly!
  • Wrapping services: some online retailers will wrap gifts for a fee, which will save you worrying about how they’re presented if you use our UK package forwarding service to send them abroad.

Tips to Save Money

Christmas can also put a strain on your savings. But, don’t fret – the internet is full of deals, if you know where to look:

  • Unboxed items: if you’re looking at expensive, branded items like perfume or electronics, unboxed versions offer great deals. They will usually be brand new, but arrive without their original packaging. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller with positive reviews!
  • Compare websites: once you’ve found the right gift, do your research. Take a look at the prices on different websites, and you might find a big difference due to the competition.
  • Voucher codes: before you click Pay, check some popular voucher code sites to see if you can get money off your items. You can also find free web extensions which automatically discover and add these to your basket.
  • Handmade gifts: sites like Etsy offer beautiful, handmade gifts that are cheaper than many branded alternatives if you search carefully.
  • Register before you buy: once you’ve added items to your online basket, close the browser window. After a short time, you might get a reminder email from the retailer, plus a money-off incentive to complete the purchase.

Watch Out for Shipping Restrictions

Alternatively, if you’re in the UK and shipping to loved ones abroad, make sure you research the restrictions. Sending gifts within the EU avoids customs charges, but outside the EU, you may have to pay tax if you exceed the country’s gift allowance. This is important if you’re sending expensive items like antiques and fine art. Our specialised service will get such presents safely to their international destination.

Sending a taste of home to a relative abroad at Christmas is wonderful, but it’s best to avoid perishables, as most countries won’t accept them. And, if you’re sending gifts for multiple people in one package, wrap and mark each one for its recipient. This will reduce the chance of problems at customs and let each receiver use the national gift allowance – if the country allows packages to be shared between people.

Hands holding Christmas present surrounded by more presents

If you can’t get British items delivered to your home country, don’t worry – with our UK package forwarding service, we can be the middleman. Contact us today to make your present shopping simple this holiday season.