Finding ways to interact with loved ones can be difficult if you have moved away from home, or if you are social distancing. But, don’t lose your creativity – people across the globe are using different types of technology to interact with friends and family. Why not take a look at holding a Karaoke night over Zoom? Or, you could play a board game online. Check out our seven top tips to help you stay connected with the world.

Seven Ways to Connect Virtually with Friends and Family

1. Book Club Chats

Are you part of a book club? Don’t stop attending because you can’t leave home or university accommodation. You could suggest a Google Hangout meeting, or catch up over Zoom. There are many video chat services available, so get online and start a new book chapter with friends and family. Or, you could start a Facebook group to find out who’s interested. Also, make sure you follow Goodreads to stay on-trend with the latest book releases.

2. Host a Dinner Party

If you’ve just finished studying or you’ve been working late, a virtual dinner party could be the best way to catch up with loved ones. It’s important to remember to use every room in the house, especially if you have been working from home lately – a change of scenery is critical for mental health. Why not lay your dining room table into a fancy styled restaurant? Now might be a great opportunity to open that bottle of bubbly you’ve been saving. And, remember to treat yourself – don’t just walk past the flowers in the shop.

3. Karaoke Meetups

If you’re keen for Karaoke, but don’t fancy the public eye, why not check out Google Hangouts? Karaoke is a great way to relieve stress and it can be super fun. You could make it a weekly activity with your friends and it’s free to set up. So what are you waiting for? Release that inner singer in yourself!

4. Board Game Nights

Setting up a virtual board game night is simple – all you need to do is set a date and time, and choose what programme you are going to use. Charades and Pictionary translate easily into digital form, so you won’t need anything fancy to play them. This means you can get everyone involved, even if you have tech-challenged members amongst the family.

5. Hold a Cooking Competition

Using Zoom, you could have a cooking competition with your friends. Fancy a great idea to start with? Take four ingredients out of the cupboard, and see who can create the best dish. What’s great, is that you’ll be judged by presentation and creativity, not by taste!

6. Netflix Party

If you have a Netflix subscription, host a long-distance movie night with the Netflix Party feature. Add group chats to your favourite films and get everyone involved. All you need is a laptop or access to Google Chrome, and you are good to go. Just make sure you have your popcorn at the ready.

7. Virtual Yoga Classes

Missing your regular exercise? There are plenty of online yoga classes that you can attend online, right in the comfort of your living room. Many sessions are streamed through either social media or YouTube. Or, if this is something new to you, there couldn’t be a better time to get started! Simply search your web browser for local online groups, and there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy.

Whether you have moved away or are self-isolating, there are lots of fun ways to stay connected with friends and family. And, you never know – you might just find a new hobby you enjoy.

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