Woman hiking in mountains

Looking to get more active this spring? In need of some fresh air after a chilly lockdown? Whether it’s dusting off the bike saddle, trying a new exercise, or exploring a new hiking trail, there’s plenty you can do to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re after some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of fun activities you could try, either on your own or with your family/household*, so you can enjoy the lighter, warmer days, and leave the darkness of winter behind.

*Restrictions are ever-changing, so please keep an eye on official government guidelines, to keep yourself and others safe 😊.

Get the Bike Out

Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise, and a much greener way to explore your surroundings than by car. It’s accessible for most fitness levels and ages, can be done by road or track (you’ll find a dedicated bike path in most places now), and is a great activity to do either solo or as a group. There’s no feeling more exhilarating than a spring breeze against your face while absorbing the countryside views – cycling is sure to blow those lockdown cobwebs away!

Go on Walks

There’s a reason walking is so highly recommended by all – it’s ideal for clearing your thoughts, incredibly flexible, and trying out new routes can be loads of fun. You could climb a hill, amble along a canal, explore a forest, or just take a stroll around the block. The options are endless, and can be tailored to suit your personal needs. If you want to challenge yourself, try investing in a fitness app/tracker, so you can monitor step count, share your adventures with the community, and set goals week-by-week.

Try Running

Or…you could go one step further, and try running! If you’re a newbie, the NHS Couch-to-5K will get you on your feet in no time, and there are a multitude of runners’ forums out there for advice on the hobby. It’s one of the best forms of cardio there is, so you can blast those lockdown pounds, and when normality resumes, there’s a wide variety of races to get involved in. You could even set a fundraising challenge and run for charity at some point, which is a great way to get in shape while giving something back.

Green Your Fingers

With trees beginning to show their leaves, and the sight of tulips and daffodils at every street corner, why not give gardening a go? Spring is here and summer’s not far off, so the weather couldn’t be better for it. Get that lawnmower out, pull out those pesky weeds, sprinkle some flower seeds, or maybe even try growing your own vegetables! Tending to the garden is satisfying, good for your mental and physical health, and could even be the start of a fun new pastime.

Lady gardening during spring

Do an Exercise Class Outside

Most gyms have moved online since the pandemic, and you’ll find a multitude of live stream classes available. Or, if you’re not already a gym member, YouTube has endless free fitness content, from HIIT and Tabata routines to Yoga and Pilates. If you fancy a change from the four walls of your living room, why not do the class outside? Just pick a nice day, take your phone or laptop with you, and inhale the fresh air while doing something different and fun.

Go Paddling

We’re all missing holidays and the beach, especially with the milder weather approaching – but, there’s no reason why you can’t go and dip your toes in the water at a local lake or river. Getting in touch with your inner child is a great way to unlock some positive energy, and you can take in the surrounding scenery and wildlife too. This is a lovely activity to do with the family, and if you’re lucky enough to have your own kayak or boat, you could sightsee even further!

Play Sports

Group settings have been, and continue to be restricted, but there’s nothing to stop you playing sports with your household. Just grab a football and have a kick around in the garden – you might even have a net hiding in your garage somewhere if you fancied shooting some hoops! Get in touch with your winning side, bond with your loved ones, and burn off the energy you’ve stored up over the winter months.

Family playing football

No matter how busy our lives may be, it’s important to stay active, take a break, and enjoy the outdoors. Fresh air and warmer weather do wonders for our wellbeing, which in turn makes for a stronger work mindset. Ready to get back to business? If you need to transport commercial items overseas, use our dedicated shipping service for quick and secure delivery. Contact Andrews Shipping today.