Trying to decide if you should study abroad? Moving away from your home country can be a daunting prospect, but there are countless reasons why you should make the leap. Take a look below to find out more.

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Why You Should Study Abroad

1. Travel

You’ll have the opportunity to travel all over your host country when you’re not studying. From world-famous landmarks to museums and natural wonders, you can do all the things you’d want to do on holiday – but without the time constraints or feeling like a tourist. You’ll be able to visit nearby countries too, especially if you’re studying in Europe where you can interrail, for example.

2. Language

Living in a new country is an amazing way to learn a new language. If you already have some experience in your host country’s language – perhaps from school qualifications – you’ll be able to immerse yourself by having full conversations with native speakers. And, if you’re not much of a linguist yet, you will be in no time. Many universities offer language courses, so you can get stuck in straightaway.

3. Hobbies

You might discover opportunities to develop skills which you wouldn’t at home. From skiing to surfing, the variety of climates and landscapes in your new country and travels could offer you new passions.

4. Culture

One of the most exciting things about living abroad is the introduction to different ways of life. Each country has its own history, customs, food, social scene and attitudes – you’ll be able to experience them all.

5. Employability

Studying in another country will look really appealing on your CV. It shows self-sufficiency, language skills and commitment to your education. It will open up job opportunities in your home and host countries, letting you explore your career internationally.

6. New People

You’ll meet people from all over the world by studying abroad. As well as making new friends with diverse ways of thinking, you can create an international network which could be useful in your future career.

7. Lower Tuition Fees

Many countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe have lower tuition fees than the UK and USA. However, make sure you look into student loans, grants or scholarships to cover your living expenses, as your upfront costs may be much higher without them.

8. Personal Development

There’s nothing like moving to an unfamiliar country to help you grow as a person. It might be scary at first, but throwing yourself into it can help improve your confidence, independence, people skills and so much more. You’ll be a different person when you return.

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