Looking for some Christmas present inspiration? The big day is creeping forward, and like us, you probably have countless people to shop for on a budget. We’ve put together a range of bargain gift ideas, from personalised recipe cards and photo mugs, to miniature toiletries and subscription boxes, so you can get your shopping done quickly and inexpensively. After all, as the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”, and a low-cost gift with some effort behind it goes much further than an expensive gift without.

Personalised Gifts

Do you have a friend who’s passionate about a band or series? There are loads of websites offering affordable, unique fan art – whether that’s on a poster, T-shirt, or random accessory. Alternatively, perhaps you have a signature dish where people are asking for the recipe? As a meaningful substitute to a high-street cookbook, you can share your talents by putting together your own set of recipe cards. Organisational items like diaries, planners and notebooks have also become increasingly popular, where you can add your own personal touch with some handwritten notes inside.

Photo Presents

It’s now easier than ever to incorporate your favourite memories into keepsakes. The net is swimming with companies that will do the hard work for you – especially at Christmas, with deals and savings galore. All you need to do is pick the photo(s) from that special holiday or event, the item you want it on and the style, have it professionally created, and it will get delivered straight to your door! You have a multitude of options, whether that’s a print in a frame, a photo calendar or scrapbook, mug, pen, keyring, fridge magnet…the list truly is endless, and there’s something for every family member, young or old.

Homemade Goods

Perhaps you’re a keen, skilled knitter? Then create your loved ones rare and unforgettable gifts, whether that’s jumpers, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, or cuddly toys. Cosy items are in high-demand during the Winter, and even better, you get to do the hobby you love while crossing things off your Christmas list. Homemade presents don’t stop at knitted goods either – you could also make scented candles and soaps to pamper your family and friends, or if you’re a star baker, there’s a variety of festive breads, cakes, biscuits and truffles you could have a go at. Take a look at our Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas blog post from last year for some more inspiration.

Miniature Sets

If you know someone loves something but you can’t afford the full-size, then just grab the miniature version of it! You’ll find a wide selection of miniature drinks, food-stuffs, toiletries, beauty bits, and grooming sets on the market, designed for shoppers on a time and cost budget. These kits often come with ‘bonus’ gifts too…found some miniature hot chocolates? They’ll probably come with a mug, syrup and marshmallows. How about travel-size shower gels and body sprays? Then you’ll probably find a sleep mask or exfoliator included. Or what about their favourite spirit collection? That’ll probably feature a mini cocktail recipe book too. Miniature kits also offer variety and a taste of something new, from a brand you know they like.

Subscriptions and Gift Cards

For when time isn’t on your side, subscription services and gift cards offer the perfect solution to your panic-buying quandaries! Got a movie buff in the family? Sign them up to Netflix. Know a friend who loves all different types of music? Then get them subscribed to Spotify. There’s also a huge range of subscription boxes available, offering everything from make-up and crafts, to home fragrance, and accessories for pet-owners. You can’t go wrong with a gift card for their favourite store(s) either. The beauty of these types of gifts is that they’re near-on instant, you don’t need to wait for delivery or dedicate wrapping time, and they cater to a range of budgets.

Hopefully you’re now feeling ready to tackle your Christmas shopping – without the high costs! A good price doesn’t mean a compromise on quality, and the same goes for the range of services at Andrews Shipping. Whether you need to transport vehicles, home belongings, commercial goods or uni items, we’ll get them to their destination quickly and safely. Contact us to find out more.